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When you know how to write and publish articles quickly, more people will find you and follow you than ever before.

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If you're a writer, business owner, or subject matter expert

You want to get your expertise (or the expertise of your clients) out into the world for people to see.

So you bare your heart, your soul, and a little of your sanity to write an article....

You spend *hours* on it because you want it to be perfect...

Then you submit your work of genius to a big outlet or publish to your blog and cross your fingers.

And then, after all that energy.... CRICKETS.

So you throw your hands up in the air and scream "This doesn't %$*&#% work!"

But you see others in your field who are writing the types of articles you could write...

And they're getting hundreds or even thousands of new readers and fans as a result of being published.

Like this piece I did for Social Media Examiner that got over two thousand shares:

I didn't have a magical solution or a journalism background. In fact, I went to music school!

But what DID get me published was to get training on how to write well and how to write everything faster.

Here's what you may not know:

There's a shift happening with publication editors worldwide... and it's a huge opportunity.

More and more reputable outlets now accept opinion pieces and articles from non-journalists...

But these gatekeepers need a way to weed out wishy-washy writers...

So more and more often, big websites now want to see an article draft in your very first pitch. 

Fast Company, a top business site with a socials audience of over two million followers, wants you to pitch a completed article:

MindBodyGreen, a top health website that gets over 6 million views each month, wants you to pitch a completed article:

Social Media Examiner, a top social website whose articles get several thousands of shares, wants you to pitch a completed article:

Tiny Buddha, a top spirituality website with a combined social audience of over 5 million people, wants you to pitch a completed article:

Runner's World, a top fitness magazine founded in 1966 that has over 50 years of brand credibility, wants you to pitch a completed article:

And there are SO many more opportunities. Editors and outlets want to see an article draft from the get-go.

Why is this a problem?

If it takes you a long time to write something, you're going to have a hard time getting off the ground.

You'll watch peers with less expertise, less experience, and less creativity than you get published while you keep staring at a blank page.

If you want more articles and more eyeballs, you MUST become prolific in your writing.

4 reasons you're getting tripped up in your writing

#1: You don't know what to write next

You block out time to write, sit down at your computer, and spend half your time (or more) staring at a blank screen and having writer's block.

Time is precious to begin with. So when you've reached the end of your session and have little to show for it, you feel frustrated and defeated.

#2: Writing takes too much of your time and energy

By the time you actually spit out something that is comprehensible and feels like you, it's not even relevant anymore.

Or you feel wiped out. The idea of writing an entire article that might not even get accepted into a publication nauseates you.

#3: You're not pitching yourself correctly

Most writers try to pitch articles, but their pitches have a "Me, me, me" feel to them.

Editors and bloggers get hundreds of emails in their inboxes each and every day - why should they care about your pitch and not someone else's?

The key is to make it all about them. Serve their audience, serve the outlet, and your writing will go much further.

#4: You get published, have 15 minutes of fame, and... that's it

Maybe you actually have written a lot in the past. But you feel like it's been a waste of time and you're back at zero.

You want ways to promote and point back to your existing articles so that they can serve you again and again and help you land bigger opportunities.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

(Something big-box agencies don't want you to know)

You can actually write for and pitch to publications and international websites all by yourself -- if you know how to write.

The key is to have a system for success - something that is working for real people now - and is a system you can quickly learn and implement.

None of these "50 hours of videos" courses that are impossible to get through. You want to implement step-by-step tactics today, not someday.

If this sounds like your kinda thing, I have something for you...


Prolific Writer Playbook

A self-guided, four-module course designed to help you write and pitch contributed articles faster than ever before


⬇️ And drum up a banner of credible media logos that looks like this! ⬇️

Prolific Writer Playbook

Is the first course of its kind that shows you:

➡️ Over 60 minutes of action-oriented video tutorials

Watch, review, and repeat HD training and screen-share videos -- you'll have lifetime access.

This isn't a giant flagship course where you'll drown in hours and hours of videos that you don't have time for; I'll give you the information you need to succeed and start taking action now.

➡️ Idea prompts and outline templates to get you unstuck

This is where you're getting tripped up, so we've taken care of it for you! Writing prompts, headline prompts, guidance on organizing an article, and different mindsets for different drafts -- it's all there.

Never say "I don't know what to write about!" again and move faster than ever before.

➡️ My personal cheat sheet of over 150 contributed outlet submission pages

Lifehack, HubSpot, MindBodyGreen, oh my!

I've sourced all the direct links to these contributor pages (Only ones with good authority rankings on the web!) and over 20 publications on Medium so you don't have to.

If you like saving time, buy this course.

➡️ A method that is working NOW

Anyone can use this system, and it's applicable today.

I am a music school burnout that was so tech-impaired I missed my second day of work because I couldn't read a Microsoft Excel file.

And now I write for big business outlets each and every week and repurpose articles regularly.

If I can do it, you can too!

Here is how it all breaks down:

Module 1: Targeting

Where should you be writing, and what should you be writing about? This is important stuff that many aspiring writers skip over, which is why they get nowhere.

We ensure you don't waste time or energy going down dead ends.

Module 2: Writing

Let's start writing!

In this module, I give you my personal setup and approaches to writing thousands of words quickly and with intention. It's about having a system!

Module 3: Pitching

Time to get the word out about your latest article!

We'll talk through specific steps to take for your work to have the best chance of getting picked up by publications.

You'll also see my exact approach and how I write an exact cold pitch that gets picked up!

Module 4: Leveraging

You've gotten published! Now what?

We'll talk through how to use your placements to drum up future opportunities, visibility, and credibility.

You'll also get access to bonus content, including:

  • The EXACT process I used to get in Business Insider in 36 hours. I literally recorded my inbox in this video!
  • Examples of PDF content upgrades that will help you pull in email subscribers from your articles
  • The prompts I personally use to never run out of ideas or things to write about

... and much more!

Peek inside the course player in this 2-minute video:

Join today and instantly get:

  • Lifetime access to HD video trainings where I share skills and shortcuts honed over years of writing and pitching experience ($997 value)
  • A swipe file with links to over 150 outlets that are accepting contributed articles NOW ($497 value)
  • My personal organization sheet to keep articles organized and have them available quickly and on-tap ($97 value)

When you add all that up, the value comes to over $1,500.

(And if you work with a publicist or a copywriter, it's often more than that every month!)

But you won't pay anywhere close to that for this program.

Unlock complete, lifetime access to Prolific Writer Playbook for just $197 $97.


“One of the best writers I know; you need to work with this guy if your business needs any kind of writing that makes you sound incredibly smart and leads to ROI.”

- Greg Scheinman, SVP and Partner, INSGroup

“Nick was great at helping you communicate your expertise in a concise, easy-to-understand way. He’s a triple threat as a content writer, copywriter, and email marketer. Thank you so much for all your help!” 

- Keveney Evanne, Business & Prosperity Coach and Author

“This course really freed me and gave me permission to be working on five or six different writing projects at the same time and make intentional progress on all of them.” 

- Tom Jackobs, The Impact Pilot

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I get access to the course?

You're taken immediately to the course after purchase! We host Prolific Writer Playbook within Thinkific, a course service portal.

Q: I'm not super-focused on writing articles right now; is this program for me?

YES. The primary intention of this course is to build your writing muscles.

Articles are a good way to practice this output, but this skill set carries over into writing emails, writing social media posts, writing sales pages, and other general writing goals.

Q: How is payment taken?

Payment is in USD, but payments are accepted securely through Stripe, PayPal, and Google Pay, and can be taken in any currency.

Join today and instantly get:

  • Lifetime access to HD video trainings where I share skills and shortcuts honed over years of writing and pitching experience ($997 value)
  • A swipe file with links to over 150 outlets that are accepting contributed articles NOW ($497 value)
  • My personal organization sheet to keep articles organized and have them available quickly and on-tap ($97 value)

Unlock complete, lifetime access to Prolific Writer Playbook for just $197 $97.

"In a galaxy of marketing "experts" who are self-proclaimed stars, Nick is the brightest burning object in the sky. He is thoughtful, diligent, capable, and professional.

He exceeds his mandate in all areas. He is forward-thinking enough to see what needs to be done and motivated enough to do it. I've never seen him walk past a problem without fixing it.

He's strategic, pragmatic, and flawless in his execution; you'd be a fool not to work with him if given the chance."

- Jonathan Greene, Founder Of The Fractional CMO

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